WP Nav Plus 2.1 released!

The past couple of weeks have seen two big releases for WP Nav Plus. A couple of weeks back I took a big picture look at WP Nav Plus and decided to start over fresh with a new prospective and launched version 2.0. This new version includes performance enhancements over version 1.x and is better able to accommodate the many different ways people implement their pages and menu structures.

Today I have released the first update to the new 2.0 codebase, version 2.1. See the change log below:

  • This release includes a couple of bug fixes related to some less common menu configurations, including: multiple menus showing duplicate content, and fixing a couple of PHP notices being shown when the menu was included on pages like the 404 page.
  • Fixed bug causing menu not to show on multisite installations
  • This release expands the logic/ability of WP Nav Plus to allow users to show 3+ ‘split menu’s on a page. Meaning you could have independent menus for 1st level links, 2nd level links, and 3rd level links, all on the same page at once.
  • This release also expands the logic/ability of WP Nav Plus to continue showing the menu even after users click into a blog post (something I have not seen another solution do yet)