WP Nav Plus 2.2, not just for developers anymore!

As a Wordpress developer myself, when I first created WP Nav Plus I created it how I know I wanted to use it, and how I felt other developers would want to use it too.

Now that the plugin is maturing I felt it was time to take a look at what I could do to bring the power of this plugin to a wider audience.

I am very pleased to account today the launch of WP Nav Plus version 2.2 This new version adds a new widget to the plugin, allowing casual Wordpress users and non-developers to easy implement secondary menus on their sites. For those of you who already appreciated WP Nav Plus for what it was, fear not. None of the advanced functionality geared towards developers has been changed or sacrificed in this release.

I am very excited about where things are going with WP Nav Plus, I hope that over time many of you will find it to be a must have plugin in your ‘WordPress as a CMS’ toolkit!