WP Nav Plus, Easy wordpress split menus / secondary menus

Long before I ever worked with WordPress, I had gotten my hands dirty in a number of other content management systems. They all had one feature in common that I totally took for granted; the ability to easily make a ‘second tier’  navigation menu, such as for a sidebar. Also sometimes called a split menu or a tertiary menu.

When building my first WordPress site, I setup my menu in the Appearance->Menus area of the backend, and then I displayed the menu in my template with wp_nav_menu(). This worked great for the primary navigation, but what about the sidebar nav!? I didn’t want to show the entire menu from top down twice, I only wanted to show the links that were relavent to the current page.

After tons of reading and research, I found a number of workarounds for this problem, but nothing I was ever happy with.

Fast forward to today, I am very pleased to be launching my first plugin, WP Nav Plus. This plugin is built upon the traditional wp_nav_menu that we are all used to, but it adds in a “start_depth” argument. This new start depth argument will allow you to easily display the menu starting from whatever depth you want.

You will find more information including a video walkthrough on the WP Nav Plus page.