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    I downloaded this plugin recently and installed it, but I’m having trouble getting the API key. I followed the instructions included in the plugin but now the Google API console appears to have changed. After creation the project I look on the left for the API Access section (which I think is titled “Credentials” now) and I have to create an OAuth or Public API Access key. I tried to create a Public API Access Key but it asked for information which I wasn’t sure of (referrer).

    Any tips on how I can get this working? I emailed Matt already and he suggested that I post here.

    Thanks in advance!


    Matt Keys

    You are on the right track. For the questions it asks you after creating a public access key:

    1) choose “browser key”
    2) you can leave the referrer field blank, this is optional

    Once you have finished that, you can copy the API key it generates and paste it into the plugin.

    Thank you for posting your question here, this way other people with the same issue can see this response.


    Matt Keys

    I have been seeing an increase in questions about setting up the API key. Tonight I have updated the documentation included with the plugin to reflect the new process at Google.

    The newest version of the docs can be seen online here:



    Hi Matt,

    I created my key and download the key, I see that there is a footprint in my account where I created the key as well.
    I copied and pasted that into the portal in the plugin it said it saved it the lights were green 🙂 Then I went to another tab
    and low and behold it told me that the key entered appeared to be invalid? What’s up with this? I followed the instructions
    to the dime. PageSpeed Insights API is where I generated the key so I’m assuming this had to be correct?

    Thanks in advance


    Hilary St Jonn


    It seems this has been changed. Any help?


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