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    Hi Matt!
    Im having trouble getting the plugin to work in the mainWp-system that Im running on http://wayoutweb.net/main/ to monitor my sites. I have tried trobuleshooting with the crew at mainWP, but got no further, so Im turning to you. Im getting the “No Pagespeed Reports Found. Google Pagespeed may still be checking your pages.” on most of my sites except one, and as far as I can see everything is set up according to the docs. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Frode


    Matt Keys

    I am not familiar with mainWP, does it do anything ‘odd’ with plugins? The pagespeed plugin creates a couple of extra database tables to store the report data in. Does mainWP utilize some kind of ‘shared’ plugins directory and database tables or anything weird like that?



    Well, since they are utalizing your plugin, I thought you had customized it for mainWP? I`m not a teckie gus, so I really can´t tell you the “weird stuff” 😉
    If you would like to have a sneak peak at the system, I can give you access to my setup 🙂


    Matt Keys

    This is the first I have heard of mainWP. It is interesting to see that they are selling a paid add-on to my plugin.

    If you want to shoot me access to your setup I will take a peak and let you know if anything stands out to me. Use the contact form on the about page to privately send your credentials.


    Matt Keys

    Okay so I logged into your site to check it out. It looks like you have everything configured properly. I turned on some extra debugging so that I could watch the report data come back from the pagespeed API, and then try to be inserted into your sites database.

    I can tell you that the API response is definitely working properly because I was able to log the response from google and view it. However when the plugin tries to write the data to your database, the operation fails, no data is written.

    My guess is that the PageSpeed Insights database tables are either missing, or corrupt, which is why the save fails. To test this theory, I uninstalled and reinstalled Google Pagespeed on one of your sites (wayout.no). This deletes and then recreates the database tables that Google Pagespeed needs to function.

    On that site the plugin is now working again, so that seems to prove my theory. To get the plugin working on the rest of your sites, you will need to uninstall and reinstall google pagespeed insights (you can try deactivating/reactivating first to see if that does it on its own).

    If you used some kind of bulk installer to get it all installed in the first place, it may be possible that the installer does not work well with my plugin for some reason.



    Ok, thas sounds great Matt, very helpful! Yes, it was bulk installed, the mainWP system is relly helpful in monitoring and updating/installing on losts of sites, but it´s the first time a had trouble like this

    Thanks a lot for your help
    Greatings from Hell, Norway!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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