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    I’m using your SP plugin with MainWP console management. I’ve activated the plugin through the console on of my public facing sites. The scan is taking a considerable about of time (2 hrs plus) and only reaching about 50% before restarting. I only have it scanning pages (90 pages). I’ve already read a previous post where user is also using MainWP. I also tried your suggestion of uninstall/reinstall of plugin. I’ve tried Cron and Ajax techniques with same results.

    BTW: It would be a nice feature if we could stop/kill the scan process.


    Matt Keys

    When you uninstalled/reinstalled. Did you do that through MainWP, or directly through the WP Plugin area? If through MainWP try it directly instead.

    If problems persist, can you look at your database and verify that the wp_gpi_* tables exist?

    Agreed re: that feature request about being able to stop/kill a process. That is something I looked into originally when I developed this but I couldn’t find a reliable solution. It is something I should take another crack at with fresh eyes though.




    There is no reference to those tables at all. I initially installed the plugin directly from site dashboard. Second time I did install from MainWP on this site. I searched database tables and found no reference. One thing I am wondering might be causing the issue is I am running iThemeSecurity plugin on my sites. Has there been any issues with security plugins or do you know if a configuration measure should be taken with security plugins to prevent conflicts?



    In CPanel I am seeing repeated processes for the admin-ajax.php file. Should this be the case?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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