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    Thomas Nordgren


    I have purchased the WP Nav Plus and like it a lot. I use it in my template and wonder if you have any examples of css-styles, for example the style you are using in your demo-video or other style examples.


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    Matt Keys

    Hey! sorry for the late reply, I thought I had notifications setup on this form to alert me when people comment, I guess not.

    Thank you for your purchase, I am glad you like the plugin.

    Here is the CSS used in the demonstration video:

    The styles are of course specific to the layout in use on my demo site, but hopefully it gets you started in the right direction.

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    Tobias Conrad


    HI how,
    can we use the theme/sidebar style for your nav widget?


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    John Meier

    Hi, will your plugin work with WP 4.7.1 and later? I have the IMPREZA theme from Themeforrest. Does WP NAV PLUS the job with this theme?

    P.S. Are there some Demos with your plug?

    Best regards

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    Matt Keys

    Hi John,

    WordPress 4.7.x is compatible with my plugin. I am not familiar with the IMPREZA theme specifically, but so long as you have skills in PHP and CSS you can use my plugin with any WordPress theme.

    I am not sure what you mean exactly with the demos, but this site is using my plugin for the divided menu, and I provide the installation videos on the product page as well.

    I hope this helps.


    Matt Keys

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